Henry C. Kinley
The following video of Dr. Henry C. Kinley is from the year 1958.  At that time, he had not
yet begun to teach by the true and correct names of the Creator:
Yahweh Elohim Yahshua.   

Dr. Kinley knew, since receiving from Yahweh the divine vision and divine revelation at
9:00 o'clock in the morning on June 6, 1930, the correct names but waited until the
members of the school were psychologically prepared to hear them, replacing the false
and erroneous titles and name of the "Godhead" -- Lord, God and Jesus Christ -- with
the correct divine name, title and name, which is the supernal (3-fold but 1) make-up of
the Heavenly Father, again:

YAHWEH              ELOHIM                   YAHSHUA
Father                   Word or Son            Holy Spirit
"Lord"                    "God"                       "Jesus Christ"

Toward the end of the video, someone explains that ..."in this school, we teach by the
true and correct name of the Heavenly Father...."  With respect to the correct dates of (1)
the divine vision and divine revelation, (2) prophesying, and (3) the opening of the
Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc. ("IDMR"), the correct dates are as follows:

June 6, 1930:  The date on which YAHWEH gave Henry Clifford Kinley the divine vision
and divine revelation.

1931:  The year Dr. Kinley began to prophesy.

1932:  The year Dr. Kinley began to "draw out the vision and make it plain" i.e., teach the
divine vision of YAHWEH, also the year in which the school opened in Springfield, Ohio.

1958:  The year in which the school was incorporated in the state of California.  
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Biography of Henry Clifford Kinley
Letter from C.F. Gross, A.M. President [undated]
Lecture Transcripts and Documents:

The following are transcripts of some of classes and discussions given by
Dr. Henry C. Kinley, which are numbered 1 through 32 on the menu below.
The additional documents, which are not numbered, are some of his writings:
Elohim, The Archetype (original) Pattern of the Universe
Audio Library:

YAHWEH Took On Shape And Form

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Dr. Henry C. Kinley
In Memoriam (1896-1976)
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Dr. Carl F. Gross
President & Co-Founder
In Memoriam
"There is only one President of this school and that's
Dr. Carl F. Gross; that's from now until the end of this
creation."  - Dr. Henry C. Kinley